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About The Maker

Growing up, I was blessed to live during a time where my surroundings encouraged a great imagination. Black Kettle Candle Co. was inspired from a childhood whereby I would enjoy books, movies and documentaries that would involve knights, maidens, courtyards and castles with beautiful, sweeping countryside, and let’s not forget enchantment and intrigue.

Living near a forest on the outskirts of our small neighborhood, offered a perfect environment which would allow my spirit of adventure to expand. My friends and I would venture off for hours at a time into the woods to see what we could discover and create our own stories, and ultimately memories.

When I would reflect on the simpler days of youth, the flowers seemed to be more abundant and fragrant, the earth smelled crisp and rich, and the sounds and scents of the woodlands were just a short walk away, beckoning me for another visit to enjoy her lush earth and canopy of trees.

It wasn’t until I began to uncover specialty fragrance oils that I would so easily be reminded of yesterday. When I realized I could create my own profiles with combining scents, the magic of crafting the candles and this business began to unfold for me. Sharing them with others is a yet another blessing life has given me.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around and reading “our story”. We are a small business located in upstate NY with a goal to pour clean and slow burning candles with phthalate-free fragrances. For some, our charming mixtures of scents may possibly swoop you back in time as well.

Elizabeth Morgan

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