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Peach / Gardinia / Nectar


Double Wick Soy Blend Candle, Phthalate Free


12.75 oz | 361 g

50+ Hour Burn


My imagination for this combination of fragrances takes me here; 


“… and really wasn’t interested in the gathering that would take place later that evening. She decided to go for a walk, clear her thoughts, and think of a way to avoid taking part in that silly event. After all, no one her age would be there anyway and she was too spirited to take part in something so dull. Her walk led her to a favorite place on the majestic property; the garden gate of the courtyard. Adeliza would find herself on the large swing, closing her eyes and resting her thoughts. The abundant garden was overgrown with her father’s prized peach trees her mother’s favorite gardenia flowers and many other blooms that would provide nectar for bees that lived nearby. Being this was her cherished…”

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