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Enchanted Woodlands

Enchanted Woodlands


Spruce / Fir Needles / Frost


Double Wick Soy Blend Candle, Phthalate Free


12.75 oz | 361 g

50+ Hour Burn


My imagination for this combination of fragrances takes me here; 


“…and knowing that the cold months hindered any possibility for his gelding to race through the many fields that surrounded their home. Today would be different. Castellan was in the stable before dawn cinching up his favorite saddle, packing a treat for his friend and envisioning what it would be like to be off on a small adventure after waiting so long for the icy paths to clear. Within the hour, they were deep into forest after a hearty run through the meadows. The steam from the horse’s nostrils continued to slow as he caught his breath, and the stillness of the forest became more apparent as they walked on. Castellan couldn’t help but notice he was surrounded by the richest scents of spruce and balsam fir, and he drew in a deep breath to enjoy it fully. The thin layer of frost was…”

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