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Secret Forest

Secret Forest


Available June

Spices / Earth / Rosewood


Double Wick Soy Blend Candle, Phthalate Free


12.75 oz | 361 g

50+ Hour Burn


My imagination for this combination of fragrances takes me here; 


“… and was no longer familiar. It was okay because she easily knew her way back, and how often do you get a chance to discover something so unique. The trees were so much taller now with massive trunks and thick, hearty bark covering them. In looking above, they towered so high, that Celestina couldn’t even see the blue skies any longer because of the vast amount of limbs and leaves. The earth in this special forest had large mounds at the base of the trees which had her imagination elevated. She began envisioning they could be small little homes for elves or something similar… if they existed. Celestina smiled to herself as she walked on. She thought to herself, not only is this forest quite different, but the rich fragrance is special and unfamiliar as well. She picked up different spices and rosewood, “Where were those scents coming from?” she thought. A moment later, off to the distance she saw…”

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