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Trail of Breadcrumbs

Trail of Breadcrumbs


Available August 1

Ginger / Cinnamon Bark / Fig


Double Wick Soy Blend Candle, Phthalate Free


12.75 oz | 361 g

50+ Hour Burn


My imagination for this combination of fragrances takes me here; 


“…surely, they weren’t there before. She decided to see where the small prints in the damp ground would lead, so she followed them down a small hill to the riverbed and then back up towards the knoll. Before she reached the top, she was startled by a voice, “Gisela, is that you?” After the initial jump in her throat, she clearly saw it was her friend and neighbor, Conrad. A boy that always had mud on his face, dirt on his knees, and an undying desire to capture innocent animals, only to be told by his mother, he had to set it free. “Conrad, why must you always appear out of nowhere? You scared me.” “You’re going to ruin it for me!”, said Conrad. “I have a beautiful rabbit that loves the crumbs which I leave out for him and you’ve scared him away. He’s a special rabbit because the crumbs are of ginger, cinnamon and fig. None of the other rabbits ever…” 

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