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Village Bookstore

Village Bookstore


Teakwood / Leather / Dark Musk 


Double Wick Soy Blend Candle, Phthalate Free


12.75 oz | 361 g

50+ Hour Burn


My imagination for this combination of fragrances takes me here; 


“… because she often keeps to herself. But for Guinevere, it’s the perfect afternoon. She works hard to get all of her chores done during the morning hours with the hope of a long uninterrupted span of time, lost in her stories. Many of the books she has already enjoyed, but she loves living through the adventures over again, often pretending to be the main character. It isn’t just the quietness in the bookstore or the escape of a story; Guinevere delights in the atmosphere and scent of the majestic tables made of teakwood, the fancier books cloaked by the leather bindings, and the familiar dark musk which emanates from the old building. It’s her hope that one day…”

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